Slate in decoration

Slate is available according to tastes and desires throughout the house! We like slate because it is fun and daring and pleases the whole family. Discover all our ideas for home decoration around this material full of surprises.

full of slate

The slate reminds us of our childhood: the memories of school when we had to write with chalk on this black rectangle! From the slate follows us everywhere, in the kitchen to write the shopping list or in the children’s room to play mistress! Slate is a playful and daring object, but also a decorative object.

First of all, where can I find slates? Second-hand sites, such as Cubefigures, are full of them! Indeed, many people no longer find any interest in this type of object and yet! Slate comes in all these forms in the house or in the garden. For the outside, slate can be transformed into labels to organize your vegetable garden, charming borders to delimit spaces or an original letterbox to write the number and name in chalk! Enough to impress the postman and the neighbours!

For the house, of course, we think of slate as a reminder, in the form of wine bottles, a car circuit or a jumble. Slate can also be served at the table to serve the cheese for an authentic style. Slate paint is not to be outdone either: a few drops on jam jars and a pretty chalk will be enough to customize all your jars.

In addition, the children will be able to review the geography thanks to France in slate and draw on a beautiful desk covered with slate paint to start over again! And then, since the slate has many surprises in store, you can discover a set of dominoes carved from the slate: the must-have for family fun.

12 everyday objects to be recovered and reused in an original way

Everyday objects are increasingly recycled. Programs have been put in place to facilitate recycling and people are becoming more and more aware. In short, the situation is constantly evolving. It is possible to reuse everyday objects to transform them into practical objects. With a little imagination, anything is possible! Here are some original suggestions!

symbol of an idea on a slate

The old jeans

Jeans is a resistant material and above all very popular! Why not recycle it? Remember to send your old jeans to clothing banks or use them for DIY projects. Jeans can be used to cover objects such as pencil jars, small handbags, small decorative cushions, or beautiful little lunch bags as shown in the image above! In short, it is a multi-purpose material, be original in the way you recover your old jeans! As in the image below for example!

Nespresso capsules

With the popularity of these capsules, the company has partnered with Terracycle to launch a free recycling program for Nespresso capsules. You can easily have your capsules collected free of charge via UPS. In addition to this program, it is also possible to recycle your capsules at a store or collection point or to create projects like the example above. These cute little pots for young shoots are easy to make, including the stand. A good idea!

Old tires

There are many end-of-life tires and they will continue to grow as the automotive industry is here to stay. Several programs have been put in place by the government to stimulate recycling and others continue to emerge. An example: the Quebec program for the integrated management of end-of-life tires 2015-2020, which is one of the responsible and essential initiatives. In addition to these initiatives, you can use your imagination to reuse your old tires as in the example above. The creation of poufs designed from tires is a practical and above all aesthetic idea. A great way to decorate your outdoor terrace at a low price.

Canned food

Canned food is part of our daily lives. Our pantry is full of them! The reflex is that when it is empty, it is rinsed and then placed in the recovery bin. It’s an excellent habit, but with a little creativity, it’s easy to reuse canned food. Once decorated, these make excellent storage for pencils, small DIY items, utensils and more. With a little creativity, you could make them useful!

Toilet paper rolls

If you ever want to work with the children, or if you have a project that includes decorative elements, think about recovering and reusing your toilet paper rolls or paper towels. It’s amazing what you can do with these simple rollers! Small gift boxes, party hats for children… even containers for cuttings or seedlings as in the example above!

Plastic bottle caps

Painting enthusiast or young budding painter, this small project is simple and fantastic! Collect the old bottle caps and collect them to make a pallet for painting. Always useful for the creation of a potential work of art, who knows! A great way to reuse corks.

Cork stoppers

A good way to recover the corks resulting from your many wine tasting evenings with friends is to use them to design a smartphone holder. An idea not only aesthetic, but also very practical to deposit your cell phone. Several other projects are possible, such as the manufacture of a bulletin board made of cork stoppers for example!

Shampoo bottles

These little plastic monsters are very handy for storing pencils and DIY accessories. Believe it or not, they were made from empty shampoo bottles. Follow the link below the image to find out how to make this simple, but fun and useful project a reality!

Laundry pins

With a little imagination, a host of decorative and practical objects can be made from clothespins. Do you no longer have a clothesline or do you have too many pins for the available space? Take a small tin can or plastic container and hang pins all around to create small flowerpots like the one in the picture above or even small candleholders!

Metal hangers

Your old unused metal hangers can be used for many purposes other than as laundry racks. A great way to reuse them is to transform them into a review medium. Once well arranged, they will match your decor very nicely, as in the image above for example. Easy to make and practical!

Canned coffee products

With its lid, an empty can of coffee can work wonders. As the picture shows, turn it into a garbage bag dispenser with only a little paint. No more trash bag boxes that take up too much space… In addition to being practical, it’s undeniably more beautiful!

Paint containers

Once empty, paint containers can be reused for practical purposes. You only have to lick off the excess paint with a brush and let it dry for 24 hours before tinkering. You can then transform your empty paint can into an ice bucket to cool your drinks for example. Here is a video that contains some simple suggestions and steps to get there. And if you don’t reuse your empty paint containers, remember to drop them off at a drop-off point near you.

In conclusion, these are just a few ideas for recovering and reusing everyday objects. There are millions of them! On Halloween, among other things, there are different ways to reuse your plastic pumpkin to create original decorations. Do you have any other ideas? Share your projects with us too!